Welcome To Society Of Regenerative Medicine

International association of all stake holders involved in regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Regenerative medicine represents a new paradigm in human health with the potential to resolve unmet medical needs by addressing the underlying causes of disease.

There is an urgent need to have an umbrella association for promoting ethical evidence based regenerative medicine and cellular therapy   based practices. This has led to the conception of  Society of Regenerative Medicine which is a not for profit association comprising of Clinicians, Scientists, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Research Students, patient advocates and industry . In our endeavour to make Regenerative Medicine truly ethical, regulated ,evidence based and all inclusive for the benefit of patients and Medical Fraternity.


Recently founded, the International Society for Regenerative Cell Therapy 

– final name of the society aims to promote the understanding and application of integrated academic research and studies in Modern Regenerative Medicine Techniques. The International Society for Regenerative Cell Therapy builds up an international scientific based platform for medical exchange at the highest standard. We aim to integrate legislation, administration, academics and technology regarding regenerative medicine to maximumly promote its benefits.

The name was founded by Dr. Himanshu Bansal and Dr. Iustin Preoteasa to share best practices in biologics research and regenerative medicine & cell therapy applications. Name in abbreviation promotes a high-quality, standardized approach to biologic treatments, to enhance this field value, maintain a high quality standard of viable, effective cell therapy treatments for no-option diseases.


Moreover, our commitment to performance is design according to our values. 

 Supporting local and international community for medical doctors, legislation and best practices applied worldwide, being recognised and appreciated as a high-standard, individualised, “haute-couture” medical application, partnership developed. We belie that an Integrated approach and a high value communication among our members will provide this modern field the credibility, importance and high appreciated assets needed to be recognized internationally.


Name vision is to deliver biologics and regenerative cell therapy at the highest standards practicing evidence-based medicine.

The vision is to form a world where stem cell science is encouraged, where ethics are prioritized, and discover improves understanding and advances human health. Our major mission to establish an information network for the scientific community, nationally and internationally.